Giving Tree
*Spread kindness with an easy Christmas craft*

This pretty Giving Tree is a great example of how homemade Christmas crafts can spread kindness during the holidays.

Giving Tree

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. But oh boy, Christmas is also a hectic time in which we sometimes don't know up from down, our heads are all in a whirl trying to remember everything we need to do. We get so caught up in trying to remember and accomplish all the things we need to do that the act of giving and sharing can fall by the wayside.

The Giving Tree is a decorative and fun way to remind yourself to perform one good deed each day during your countdown to Christmas. Get into the holiday spirit and show some goodwill towards men. Make a Giving Tree and enjoy the blissful feeling of giving.


  • big Peanut Butter jar
  • hemp or yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • small Christmas tree
  • Christmas fabric or ribbon
  • scrap book paper
  • pen
  • scissors
  • 25 acts of giving


1. Recycle a big peanut butter jar, wash it and dry it.

2. Wrap the hemp or yarn around the peanut butter jar, gluing it as you go.

3. Cut down a small Christmas tree (or buy one) and put the base of the tree in the peanut butter jar. You will have to stuff newspaper or something in the peanut butter jar to hold the tree steady.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon or Christmas fabric and wrap it around the bottom of the tree, at the top of the peanut butter jar.

5. Cut the scrapbook paper into 25 strips.

6. Write a good deed or act of giving on each strip.

**7. Take one strip and wrap it around your pen. When you remove it from your pen it should be coiled in a circle. Do this with the rest of the strips.

8. Hang the coils on the Christmas tree.

Beginning on December 1st take one coil off the tree every day leading to Christmas. Perform the deed written on the coil you open each day. This would be a super activity to do with children. They would learn about giving and be able to countdown to Christmas at the same time. Try it!

** Here is the list of 25 deeds I used:

1. As you go about your day pick up any trash you see.

.2. Smile at 5 strangers.

3. Hold the door for someone.

4. Let someone get ahead of you in line.

5. Write a letter to someone you admire telling them how they have touched your life.

6. Compliment someone.

7. Hug your loved ones for no particular reason.

8. Leave a funny or kind joke in an unexpected spot.

9. Deliver fresh baked cookies to a friend or neighbor.

10. Bring co-workers a special treat.

11. Leave a treat or handmade note of thanks for a delivery person or mail carrier.

12. Take a coloring book and crayons to a waiting room.

13. Deliver some canned goods to a food bank.

14. Run an errand for someone.

15. Buy a bag of cat/dog food and deliver it to the SPCA.

16. Take a bouquet of flowers to the hospital and give it to someone who doesn't receive any visitors.

17. Deliver a thank you note to local Police and Fire Departments.

18. Hold a family movie night.

19. Leave anonymous positive notes on your neighbor's door.

20. Bake some goodies and deliver them to a local school for the staff.

21. Take a friend out to dinner.

22. Donate books to a library.

23. Buy a coffee for a stranger.

24. Tell your partner or children something you love about them.

25. Have a very merry Christmas!

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