Christmas Sayings 
*Holiday sentiments for cards and crafts*

A collection of Christmas sayings for your Christmas crafts and cards.

  • Don't get frustrated with being tongue-tied.
  • Don't abandon your crafts because you can't think of a witty saying to use.
  • Don't neglect to send Christmas cards to friends and family because you don't have the time or patience to think of something heart-felt to write in the cards.

Click on the categories below and you will discover a wealth of loving, witty, and cute sentiments you can add to your cards and crafts.

Greeting Card Messages
Christmas Quotations
Christian Greetings
Great Sayings
Xmas Jokes

Greeting Card Messages

Greeting card message

How often have you sat searching your brain for something to write in a Christmas card instead of just signing your name?

I can honestly say this happens to me every time I go to sign a card. I am never content with just signing my name because that seems so impersonal to me but I can never think of something cool enough to write in the card.

Throughout the years I have done my fair share of searching the internet for Christmas sayings and I have collected quite a few greeting card messages.

I whip this collection out each year, choose sayings for my cards and get 'er down in a speedy fashion without breaking a sweat.

Quotes for Christmas

Christmas tree

You picked out the cutest Christmas cards you could find, you have your address book and you're ready to rock those Christmas cards.

Uh oh, there's a problem.

Sometimes it feels as though all the great things have already been said.

How can you write a unique and original message when everything spectacular you think of has already been said by someone else?

You don't. It's as simple as that. Don't sweat the small stuff this holiday season, use your favorite Christmas quotations instead.

Religious Christmas Sayings


Take a moment and step back from the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Forget the excitement of presents, stop drooling over Christmas treats, and just reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

Listen to "Away in a Manger", "The Little Drummer Boy", "Angels We Have Heard on High", and other Christmas carols that celebrate the season and the birth of Jesus.

With all the excitement and hype of Christmas we tend to overlook the true meaning of Christmas.

So this year why not celebrate the real reason for the season by incorporating some Christian greetings into your Christmas cards?

Great Sayings

Santa please stop here

Signing Christmas cards is not the only place I use great holiday sentiments.

I like to use cool sayings on the holiday crafts I make as well. I like adding the Wow factor to my crafts and I find that short holiday sayings do just that.

This is where my collection of sayings also comes in very handy. I think everyone should have a list of great sayings to use at Christmas time.

Riddles and Jokes

Funny one way sign

Everyone loves to laugh so who doesn't enjoy jokes about Christmas?

There are oodles of jokes to tell this holiday season. There are clean jokes, dirty jokes, good jokes and bad jokes, long jokes, short jokes, knock knock jokes, and riddles.

There are enough jokes to keep you chuckling through the entire holiday season! Share those chuckles with family and friends. Use some clean Xmas jokes when signing your holiday cards this year.

Secret Santa Poems

Rudolph and Santa dog

If you are looking for a spectacular idea to make your Christmas season a little more jolly, may I suggest the game of Secret Santa.

A whole bunch of fun can be had among family and friends when playing this game. It is easy to play and can include any number of people, at any age.

To equip yourself for the game you should gather a collection of catchy Christmas sayings. Visit Secret Santa Poems and you'll learn why.

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not a creative thought.

Christmas Sayings to thank,

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