Glass DIY Crafts
* Create beautiful Christmas art projects using various types of glass*

Decorate with glass diy crafts this holiday season and bring sparkle and shine to your home decor.

Show off your creative flair and dazzle your guests by making beautiful, festive crafts using different kinds of glass.

Easy Art Projects Using Glass

* If you see a glass Christmas craft you would like to try, click on its picture and you'll be taken to a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make it.

Sea Glass Ornament
Natures Touch
A Touch of Nature
Purple Wax Ornament
Bow Candle Holder

If you have a glass diy craft that you would like to share with everyone then please contact me and I will certainly post it (with full credit going to you for your craft, of course).

Easy Art Projects

Don't think you're artistic enough to craft with glass?  Making crafts with glass can be very simple.  You don't need glass blowing knowledge or have to know everything there is to know about glass.  All you need is some creativity and basic craft supplies.  Take a plain glass vase and visualize what it can become, or jazz up a plain ornament with paint or embellishments.

Jazz It Up!

You can easily add some pizzazz to plain, boring glass by gluing festive doodads to it.  However, normal school glue will not work very well.  If you wish to beautify your glass by gluing decorations to it consider using one of the following items:

  • Ceramic to glass - Loctite 349 Impruv, General Electric Silicone II, Weldbond
  • Fabric to glass - 3M77, Weldbond, Hot Glue
  • Glass to glass - Loctite Impruv, Household Goop, Krazy Glue, Super Glue, Zap, Zap-a-Gap, Seal-All, Weldbond
  • Leather to glass - General Electric Silicone II, Seal-All, Household Goop, Weldbond
  • Metal to glass - Loctite Impruv, J-B Weld
  • Paper to glass - 3M77, Weldbond, Hot Glue
  • Plastic to glass - Loctite Impruv, Household Goop, Weldbond, Hot Glue
  • Rubber to glass - General Electric Silicone II, Seal-All
  • Styrofoam to glass - LePage's Regular Epoxy, 3M77, Weldbond
  • Vinyl to glass - General Electric Silicone II, Seal-All
  • Wood to glass - Weldbond, Hot Glue                        

If you wish to add beautiful designs to glass using paint you will need to use the proper kind of paint.  Consider using one of the following kinds:

  • Acrylic paints
  • Glass Enamel
  • Paint Markers
  • Oil-based paint
  • Glass Paints

Please be sure to read all directions before using any paint on glass.  Some paints require a primer and some don't. Some need to be varnished and others don't.  So to create a truly stunning glass diy craft - read all directions first.

Safety First!

Glass is fragile and can break easily so you must be careful any time you craft with it.  Keep these things in mind:

  • The thickness of the glass.  A thinner glass will break much easier than a thicker piece.
  • Nicks or cracks can make the glass weak so check for these faults before you begin crafting.
  • Be aware of how much pressure you apply when handling glass.  A thin piece of glass will need to be handled more delicately than a thicker piece.
  • Make sure the art supplies you are using are safe to use on glass.

And if the glass does break while you are crafting, drop everything and thoroughly clean up all broken pieces.  Try not to miss any tiny shards that could cut you. 

If you do get cut, clean it and take proper medical care.  If stitches are needed then leave your craft and get yourself to the hospital.  Safety always comes first.

Try It

I never, ever, in a million years thought I would make glass diy crafts.  But I do and I enjoy it.  Why don't you give it a try?  Just remember: safety, proper materials, read all directions, creativity, imagination and have fun.

Oh!  This vase is such a bore!

I want a vase I can adore.

It just needs something more,

to make it something galore.

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