Great Sayings
*Catchy sayings for Christmas cards and crafts*

Santa paws

Great sayings catch the attention of everyone. People are amused and delighted by catchy sayings because they provide a moment of fun amidst the seriousness of life.

They help propel people through the routines and demands of everyday life.  The awesome expressions below will definitely make you feel merry and ready to conquer the world.

Christmas Witticisms

Cute Lil Sayings


Christmas is a time for fun, happiness and togetherness. It is a time that brings the inner child out in (almost - Bah Humbug!) everyone.

With all this childish excitement you would think we wouldn't be amused by cute little expressions that are witty and fun ... but we are.

Maybe you feel these sayings at Christmas are extravagant, going overboard or just plain foolish.  I say 'to each his own' because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


A Challenge

Are you ready for my challenge to you?

  • I challenge you to read my favorite Christmas sayings above without cracking a smile.

I hope you are up for this challenge because these expressions are awesome. I will be very surprised if you can read through them all without feeling a smile form on your lips. I bet you can't do it!  Good Luck!

Did You Smile?

You have read through the list of festive expressions and completed my challenge.  I am very curious to know how you did. 

Did you crack a smile and feel a giggle trying to escape or did you keep a straight face throughout the entire challenge?

If you didn't crack at least a little smile after reading them then I proclaim you an Official Grinch! There's snowman like you and you need to get the Christmas spirit -- catch it! Go grab a cup of good cheer and be jolly by golly.

Santa Claus

I will now adorn my official santa-tude and will wish you a Beary Merry Christmas!

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