Greeting Card Messages
*Festive holiday sayings for cards*

Blank Paper and Pen

Writing superb greeting card messages can be daunting and disheartening. It is often challenging to put in to words exactly how you feel.

You can sit for hours looking at a blank Christmas card, then give up in defeat because you simply can't think of something to write.

Christmas Crafts Nook makes writing holiday sentiments much easier for you by providing a terrific collection of sayings that are free for you to use.

Christmas Card Sayings

Be Prepared!

Are you ready to start writing messages in your Christmas cards?

  • Is there Christmas music playing?
  • Are you sitting comfortably?
  • Do you have your address book, a pen, your Christmas cards, and stamps?
  • Do you have a nice holiday beverage and some yummies for your tummy?

Once you have all these things in order then you are ready to start (and hopefully finish) writing your Christmas greeting card messages.

Greeting Card Collage

Let's Begin ...

Pick the name of the first person on your list.

  • Read through the collection of sayings provided here.
  • Pick the saying that is most suitable and write it in a Christmas card.


After writing your message be sure to proof read it, please.

"The best Christmas of all is the presents of a happy family" -- this sentence has a completely different meaning than "The best Christmas of all is the presence of a happy family."

Little mistakes like this can make you look pretty silly so remember to proof read.

Finishing Up

mail card

When you finish proof reading your message

  • Put the Christmas card in an envelope
  • Immediately address the envelope
  • Put a stamp on it.

I find doing this is most efficient because after you finish writing your message in your last card you are all done and ready to mail your Christmas cards.

That's one more task crossed off your list of 'to dos'.  Good for you!

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