Our Stockings are Hung
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"Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon will be here."  A well known sentence that sums up the Christmas wishes of all boys and girls and was the inspiration for this easy Christmas craft.

Our Stocking are Hung

Sorry for the bad picture quality but rest assured, I did get a new and better camera.

It's Christmas Eve and time to hang your stockings before heading to bed. Where can you hang them though if you don't have a chimney?  Relax... with this craft, you can provide your children with a faux chimney on which they can hang their stockings.  And guess what -- this chimney is much cheaper and easier to construct than a real one.

Let's get started with the tutorial for this easy Christmas craft.


  • wooden block
  • paint
  • black sharpie
  • hot glue
  • small fir branches
  • screw in hooks


Before you begin your project take a close look at the board you plan to use.  Does it lie flat with no bumps or warps in it?  Is it clean and completely dry?  If you answered yes to these questions then please continue on...

1. With a pencil draw or trace "our stockings are hung" on your board.  Try to space the letters an even distance apart.  Once you are pleased with how the letters look on your board,  paint them any color you like. 

2. If you would like a design for the background (like I did with the chimney design) then take your pencil and draw it onto your board.  After that paint it in whichever way pleases you.

3. Once all the paint is dry take a black Sharpie (or a regular permanent black marker) and outline the letters.  Although it is difficult to tell from the picture, I also traced all the lines in the chimney design with the black marker too.

4. Now glue the small fir branches on the top of the wooden board.  You can use real fir branches or store-bought one.  If you use real fir branches keep in mind that unless you treat them the needles will die and fall off (probably before you even get to hang your stockings).

5. Screw the hooks into the wood board and you're all set to go.

See how easy that was? What are you waiting for? Grab your craft supplies and construct your faux chimney now. 

You want to have it ready before Christmas Eve so your children can hang their stockings and then go to bed and have sugar plums popping in their head.

When that is all done you can then lay down for a good winters nap.  Ssshhh...

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