Santa is Coming
*How to create a fun and interactive calendar out of wood*

Oh boy, Santa is coming to town! How many days?  How many sleeps until Santa gets here?

Santa is Coming

I have to tell you that I absolutely love this advent calendar. It is so bright and looks like tons of fun. Children would definitely be drawn right to it.

Making calendars that are bright and attractive doesn't have to be difficult. This craft was pretty easy to make and it was lots of fun to make too.

I think my inner child surfaced while I made this craft project. :)  Shall we begin?


  • piece of wood
  • pop tabs off pop cans
  • yellow ribbon
  • clothes pins
  • pencil
  • black marker
  • paint (red, green, yellow)
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • glue gun


1. Grab your paint brush, some red paint, and paint the piece of wood.

2. Take the pop tabs and glue them along the outsides of each side of the wood.

3. With the pencil write "Santa is Coming" on it. (I used stencils!)

4. Paint the words green and outline each letter with the black marker.

5. Dab yellow dots inside each letter (I used a q-tip to do this and it worked great).

6. Get five pop tabs and bend them in half.

7. Then glue them along the underside of the wood.

8. Cut the ribbon to the size you need and string it through the pop tab. Glue each end of the ribbon so there are no frayed ends dropping strings.

9. Take 25 clothespins and paint them red, green and yellow. I painted 10 red clothespins, 10 green clothespins and 5 yellow clothespins. I didn't want too many yellow clothespins because I felt they would blend right in with the ribbon.

10. When the paint is dry on the clothespins pin them to the ribbon (five clothespins to each ribbon).

You should now have a colorful advent calendar like mine.

My plan is to buy 25 small gifts and clothespin them to the ribbon. Starting on December 1st the children can remove one gift from the ribbon each day until Christmas.

I think it would be nice to somehow put numbers on the clothespins so that it is easier (and more educational) for the children when they are counting the days until Christmas.

I hope you and your children are as excited about this calendar as I am. Now go start making calendars of your own.

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