Xmas Jokes
*Enjoy good, funny, clean jokes*

Hilarious hoopla

Telling Xmas jokes is a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday season.

Bring laughter and merriment to your friends and family this Christmas by telling them some funny clean jokes.

There is absolutely nothing like laughter to bring friends and family together so check out the supply of jokes about Christmas below and get ready for the hilarious hoopla to begin.

Jokes 'n Jokes

Laughing is Good for You!

Did you laugh at any of the jokes you just read?  Did you know that laughter has been proven to be good for your health?

No, this is no joke.

  • Laughter has been found to produce healthy and beneficial changes in your body.
  • Laughing strengthens your immune system, revs up your energy, and can lessen pain you may feel.
  • Laughter helps your body deal with the effects stress has on it.

With the chaos and tiring 'to dos' that come with Christmas isn't it good to know that a little laughter will do your body good?

So this Christmas tell some funny holiday jokes and laugh your way to a more healthy body.

Quick Jokes

Hi, my name is Trina and I am a terrible joke teller.

No matter how hard I try I can never get a joke right. I mix up the words and the order of the joke and instead of causing laughs I cause embarrassed looks of confusion.

To escape the awkwardness of my lack of joke telling abilities I stopped telling jokes all together. I was no longer shamed by messing up jokes but I was also a less jovial person.


Something had to change. That is when I discovered short, quick jokes. I was able to remember and successfully deliver short jokes! I no longer felt shame and embarrassment.

If you have the same lack of ability I did, then try telling some short Christmas jokes.  Pick your favorite short Xmas jokes from above and tell them to friends and family. Then see how well you get a along.  I am positive you'll be a hit and get some big belly laughs!

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