Yarn Christmas Ball
*Use any color you like to make a diy Christmas ornament*

This Yarn Christmas Ball is an easy and inexpensive craft to make.  And not only that, you can use any color of the rainbow to make your Christmas ornament.

Yarn Christmas Ball2

I am 100% in love with these yarn Christmas ornaments. I knew they would look good when I began the craft, but the end result was even better than I had anticipated.

They are definitely a little piece of ornament art and I can't wait to hang these beauties on my tree this year (and neither can my husband - and he is not a crafter!).


  • glass Christmas ornament
  • yarn
  • hot glue


1. To begin take the metal top off the ornament.

2. Put some glue around the top of the ornament and then put the metal top back on. I do this because it drives me nuts how insecure those tops are.

3. Apply a small line of glue right under the metal top.

4. Quickly apply the yarn. I say quickly because hot glue dries pretty fast.

5. Follow this procedure until the entire ornament is covered in yarn.

6. Once I finished I grabbed one those plastic tools you use to push cuticles back. I used this to remove any extra glue I found popping out between the rows of yarn. You don't have to do this, I just thought I'd add it because that's what I did.

I haven't decided how I am going to hang these ornaments yet. I will either hang them with some nice ribbon or with the metal ornament hooks.

The ribbon would give the ornaments more of a crafty feel whereas the hooks would give them more of an understated feeling.

I think I'll just decide when the time comes.

* Update - I used ribbon to hang the ornaments and they looked awesome hanging on my Christmas tree!*

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