Bottlebrush Tree
*Fun craft ideas for creating holiday eco art*

This cute bottlebrush tree is an easy and inexpensive way to add eco friendly decor to your home this Christmas. Revel in making your own holiday decor this year. It is a cheaper way to decorate and it is very satisfying to see the beauty you can create through recycling.

Bottlebrush Tree

I have seen and liked crafts on the internet where a regular bottle brush was used to make a cute little Christmas tree. So I decided to put my own spin on this craft idea and this is what I came up with.  How about giving it a try?


  • one bottlebrush
  • scissors
  • green paint
  • paint brush
  • green and white yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • jar cover
  • beads
  • string
  • one empty toilet paper roll
  • scrapbook paper


1. Take the bottlebrush and cut it into the shape of a Christmas tree.

2. Paint the bottlebrush green.

Bottlebrush Tree1a

3. I found that the bottom bristles kept falling out after I shaped the tree. So I decided to glue some yarn on the bottom to help hold the bristles in place.

Bottlebrush Tree2a

This is what my bottlebrush looked like after I glued the yarn to the bottom.

Bottlebrush Tree3a

4. It is time to cover up the jar cover and make it look pretty. So grab some white yarn and start gluing.

Bottlebrush Tree4a

5. Wrap and glue the yarn around the sides of the jar cover and then glue the bottle brush tree to the middle of the cover. Continue wrapping and gluing the yarn to the top of the jar cover.

Bottlebrush Tree5a

6. Use beads to make a garland for the tree.

7. Glue some beads to the branches to decorate the tree.

8. Attach the star - glue a bead to the top of the tree.

9. The tree is decorated so now it is time to place the presents under the tree. I cut a toilet paper roll up into little pieces and used them to make small boxes.

10. After the boxes are made wrap them using scrapbook paper.

11. Then glue the wrapped boxes under the tree.

All done. And isn't it cute? Pat yourself on the back. That wasn't difficult, was it? Enjoy!

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