Clothespin Candle Holder
*Proof that repurposed materials can be made beautiful*

This beautiful clothespin candle holder will most definitely brighten up your home this Christmas. If you're looking for an easy, inexpensive way to dress up your holiday decor then this craft idea is for you.

Clothespin Candle Holder

You would not believe how easy this candle holder was to make. I love crafts that are classy and simple to make and this craft idea certainly fits that description.

I first saw this art idea on Pinterest and was determined to make one of my own.

So I looked around my home and found all the craft supplies I needed (except for the red berries - those I bought at the Dollar Store). Then I sat down and used the supplies I had to create the image I had in my mind.

It was as easy as that. Try making one yourself.


  • small tin can
  • clothespins
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • red berries
  • hot glue gun


1. Find an empty tin can that would work for this craft. I used an empty Whiskas cat food tin.

2. Thoroughly clean the can and be sure there are no sharp edges. Also remove all labels from the outside of the can.

3. Grab a handful of clothespins and clamp them around the top of the can. I believe I used 14 clothespins.

4. Paint the can whatever color you like. I used clear glitter paint to paint my can.

5. While the paint dries on the can grab your clothespins and paint them whatever color you like. I painted my clothespins white and then covered them in glitter.

6. Once all the paint and glitter is dry clamp your clothespins around the rim of the can.

7. Glue little plastic red berries in between all the clothespins.

I added a candle to my centerpiece and I love the way the candle light flickers between the candles.

And there you go. A simple yet chic clothespin candle holder that will brighten up your holiday decor.  Give it a try!

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