Christmas Joy
*A picture frame craft full of hope and happiness*

Joy to the world! This Christmas Joy wall hanging is an easy Christmas craft to make! 

Christmas Joy

I have seen various picture frame crafts like this on Pinterest so I went ahead and made one of my own.

It was an easy craft to make and didn't take long at all. I already had the three little frames (which were from a bargain store), scrapbook paper (which I "borrowed" from my daughter) and a piece of black felt kicking around my house.

I just grabbed the three and put them together to create this awesome and simple Christmas craft.


  • three picture frames
  • red spray paint
  • one piece of white scrapbook paper
  • one piece of black felt
  • one long piece of Hemp
  • one red button
  • electrical tape
  • glue
  • pencil
  • scissors


1. I graciously asked my youngest son to spray paint the three frames red for me.

2. Once the spray paint has dried take the scrap book paper and trace the frames onto it.

3. Cut the frame tracings out of the scrapbook paper. I cut the scrapbook paper about a centimeter smaller on each side.

4. Tape your scrapbook paper to the back side of each frame with the electrical tape.

5. Make letters on your black felt and cut them out.

6. Center the letters in each frame and glue them in place.

7. Turn all three frames over so that the back sides are facing you. Take one end of the hemp and securely tape it to the bottom left side of your third frame.

8. Leave space between your second and third frame (I left about one centimeter space between the frames). String the hemp from the third frame, across the space, and up the second frame. Securely tape the hemp in place on the second frame. Then repeat the process with your first frame.

9. Leave extra hemp hanging at the end of the first frame. You can decide how long you want it to be. Once you decide on the length you'd like it to be, cut the hemp.

10. Take the left over hemp and attach it to the right side of your frames in the same way you attached it on the left side.

11.You should now have two pieces of hemp hanging from the top of your first frame. Tie these two pieces of hemp together and cover the knot with a button.

That's it! The Christmas Joy picture frame art is done. How easy was that?

You can use any type of picture frames, and any sized frames you want to make this craft.  You can also put any Christmas saying you want inside the frames.

I had originally planned to put "HO HO HO" in my frames but they were a little too small. So have fun with this craft and add your own personal touches to it.

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