Hemp Xmas Wreath
*A chic picture frame craft*

Make this chic Hemp Xmas Wreath part of your holiday decor. It is easy to make and will be admired by everyone who sees it.

Hemp Xmas Wreath

This is Hemp Xmas wreath is an easy, inexpensive picture frame craft that would look festive hanging on your wall this Christmas.

It would also be a great homemade craft to give as a gift. It is simple and elegant at the same time.

I didn't plan to make this craft, it just sort of happened.

I had a cheap brown frame kicking around the house. I thought it would look better black so I hauled out my paints and painted it black.

Then I once again raided my daughter's supply of scrapbook paper and I grabbed a roll of hemp I had left over from making other crafts. I sat down on my bed and while watching TV this little gem evolved.


  • cheap wooden picture frame
  • black paint
  • paint brush
  • one piece of scrapbook paper
  • hemp cord
  • green wire
  • tiny red and green beads
  • red button
  • glue stick
  • cardboard/card stock


1. Paint the wooden frame black and set aside to dry.

2. When the paint is dry cut the piece of scrapbook paper to the proper size to fit inside the frame.

3. Glue the scrapbook paper to a piece of cardboard or card stock so it is less flimsy.

4.Take the hemp and wind it around to form the size of wreath you want to make.

5. Cut the hemp.

6. Get out your glue stick and glue the hemp to the scrapbook paper as you form it into a wreath.

7. Take some thin green wire and cut it into little pieces that you can attach to your wreath. Attach the wire so that it looks like garland.

*I didn't glue the wire to the wreath. Instead I poked each end of the wire under the hemp.*

8. Glue the red and green beads onto your hemp wreath.

9. Glue the button to the top of your wreath.

10. Insert the craft into the picture frame and then it is ready to be displayed.

Simple, cheap, and elegant. Maybe I should sit in front of the TV with craft supplies more often.

Who knows what kind of jewels I could create. Enjoy making this Hemp Xmas Wreath for yourself and please feel free to add your own personal touches too.

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