Fun and Frosty
*Making cute wooden Christmas decorations is as easy as pie*

You can capture the fun and frosty elements of winter and of Christmas by making cute little wooden Christmas decorations.  I did just that with this cute little snowman craft and you can do it too. 

Fun and Frosty

Look at those cute little snowmen. Don't they make you feel cheerful and c-c-cold?  Don't they signify the joy and chilliness that winter and Christmas are all about?

This delightful wooden wall hanging would look charming hanging anywhere too.  And it could be displayed throughout the entire winter season, not just at Christmas.

It's cute, cheerful, festive, charming, and easy to make.  Those are top notch qualities for any craft to have.  Let's get started making one right now.


  • piece of wood
  • pencil
  • black Sharpie
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • black marker


1. Find a nice piece of wood that is totally flat with no bends or warps in it.  You can use any size you like because this is your creation.  However, before you begin the craft make sure the piece of wood is clean and completely dry.

2. Now copy the design I used or turn on your imagination and create your own personal wall hanging.  If you wish to break out on your own then decide what design you would like to put on your craft.  When you have made that decision start drawing the design on your piece of wood with a pencil.

3. After you draw your design on the wood it is time to paint it.  Use colors that compliment one another and colors that are bold enough to stand out from your wall.  You want your creation to "pop" when you hang it on the wall so that everybody's eyes will be drawn right to it.

4. When the paint is completely dry outline everything in black marker.  I do this because the outline helps define the different elements of the picture and it helps make it "pop" like we want it to.

And that is all it takes to make a Fun and Frosty wall hanging for your home.

Are you  excited to make a craft just like this one but would like to use a different great saying?  Go for it!  I have confidence in your crafting abilities so relax, let your imagination flow free and then create.  Have fun!

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