Pop Tab Christmas Ornament
*Get creative and use pop tabs to make Christmas ornaments*

This pop tab Christmas ornament is 100% original and has a festive holiday look.  It is a fabulous craft that will bring some funkiness to your Christmas tree.

Pop Tab Christmas Ornament

One day I was on Google looking for craft ideas when I saw a bracelet made out of pop tabs.

It immediately caught my attention and I was determined to learn how to make my own bracelet. After much trial and error I made a pop tab bracelet I was proud of.

I then proceeded to make over 20 more bracelets. Some of those were given away and some of them were sold.

I got bored after making that many bracelets so I fooled around with the pop tabs and came up with this cheap Christmas ornament craft idea. I think it is pretty cute.  Here's how you can make one of your own...


  • approximately 15 pop tabs
  • green yarn
  • sewing needle
  • 4 red beads
  • tiny red and green beads


1. Set all your pop tabs out in front of you. Take one pop tab and hold it vertically in your left hand. Take a second pop tab and place the head of the tab over the bottom of pop tab #1.

2. Thread your yarn through the needle and then start wrapping the yarn around the outside edge of the two pop tabs.

3. Continue adding all your pop tabs in the same way as in step 1 and wrapping the yarn around them as in step 2.

4. Once you have all the 15 pop tabs joined and have wrapped the outside edges with yarn it is time to move on to the inside edge of the tabs. Grab your needle and yarn and wrap away on the inside edges.

5. Now you should have one long line of pop tabs that is wrapped with yarn on both sides. Take this line and form it into a circle.

6. Connect the last two pop tabs by placing them together like you did in steps 1 and 2.

7. Take the 4 red beads and place them inside the holes of the pop tabs.

8. Then you can take tiny red and green beads and sew them on. I did do this but you can't see the tiny beads too well in the picture.

9. Make a loop of yarn and attach it at the top of the ornament.

And there you have it - your very own pop tab Christmas ornament.  Now hang it on your tree and see how funky it looks.

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