Pop Tab Wreath
*Bring originality and creativity to your recycling crafts*

This festive pop tab wreath is a creative way you can bring new wreath designs into your holiday decor.  This is an original craft idea I came up with. I wish this photo showed the actual pop tabs better and how I put them together. Alas, we'll have to make due with this photo.

Pop Tab Wreath

One day I was making bracelets out of pop tabs when this craft idea popped into my head.

So I grabbed my bucket of pop tabs and some green yarn and I let my imagination and creativity take over and lead the way.

This is what I came up with.


  • 28 pop tabs
  • green yarn
  • thread
  • red and green beads
  • hemp
  • needle for yarn
  • needle for thread
  • scissors


1. place 28 pop tabs on the table in front of you.

2. cut a long length of green yarn and thread it through your needle. (you will need to cut a few long lengths for this project so keep the ball of green yarn close at hand).

3. Take one pop tab and hold it horizontally. Take a second pop tab and place it horizontally on top of the other pop tab. Line the pop tabs up so that the the top hole of pop tab 2 is placed over the bottom hole of pop tab 1.

4. Take your yarn and start threading it around the outside edge of the pop tabs. As you go along continue to add pop tabs the same way as you did above and continue threading around the outside edge of the pop tabs. Continue doing this until you have used all 28 of your pop tabs. You should now have one long horizontal line of pop tabs that are threaded together by their outside edge.

5. Take your green yarn and thread it around the inside edge of your pop tabs. When you are done doing this you should have one long horizontal line of pop tabs that have yarn threaded around the both sides.

6. Take hold of the first and last pop tab in the horizontal line and join them together like you did all the other pop tabs. You should now have a round wreath shape.

7. Thread your sewing needle with thread and grab a bunch of small red and green beads. Attach the beads to your wreath in whatever pattern you like and put on as many beads as you like.

8. Once you have attached all the beads you want to use, cut a lengthy piece of hemp.

9. Thread your hemp through your bigger needle and then thread the hemp through all the pop tabs.

10. Attach a loop to hang your wreath with and attach a little hemp bow if you like.

Phew! This pop tab wreath craft is very difficult to explain in words. I hope the explanation is clear enough to walk you through making this terrific craft. Good luck!

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