Snowflake Frame
*Easy Christmas craft using wood*

This dazzling, sparkly Snowflake Frame is an easy craft for kids to make and they'll have fun while making it too. 

Oh, the joys of snow when you're a child.  There's sledding, skiing, skating, snow forts, and snowmen.  And don't forget trying to catch snowflakes on your tongue and trying to catch snowflakes so you can see if 'no two snowflakes are the same' is really true.

All that fun must be done outdoors but we can bring a little bit of homemade snow indoors to the children.  How?  By making snowflakes of course!

snowflake frame

This glittering project was incredibly easy to make, requires very few materials and is a beautiful decoration to hang or give as a gift.

One warning -  this project requires lots of sparkles. Kids do love sparkles, after all (sorry moms and teachers).  Set your broom and dust pan close by and let's break out those sparkles.


  • wooden snowflake frame
  • picture to fit in the frame
  • paint brush
  • sponge dabber
  • two shades of pink paint
  • sparkles ( I used glitter glue - it's not messy)


1. Buy a snowflake frame. I found this one in the craft section at Walmart and it cost only $1.

2. Paint the frame with very light pink paint. Be sure to paint the edges as well as the top of the frame.

3. Take a small sponge dabber like the one pictured above (which I also purchased at Walmart). Dip the sponge in a darker shade of pink and then dab paint all over the snowflake.

4. Wash all the paint out of the sponge dabber and then use it to dab some glitter glue all over the snowflake.

5. When the paint and glue is completely dry insert whatever picture you wish into the frame. This years school pictures haven't come in yet so I didn't use a picture of one of my children in this craft. The pretty little girl in the frame was cut out of a magazine.

This is an easy craft for children to make and one all parents would love to receive - what parent doesn't love a framed picture of their child?

Don't miss out on this making this fantastic craft with your kids this winter.

"Here comes Suzy Snowflake

Look at her tumblin' down

Bringing joy to every girl and boy

Suzy's come to town."

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toilet paper roll snowman
toilet paper roll snowflake

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