Toilet Paper Roll Flowers
*Create beautiful flower wall art this Christmas*

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers will add homemade charm to your Christmas decor. By recycling empty toilet paper rolls you can easily create beautiful Christmas flower wall art for your home.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Oh goodness gracious, what to do with all those empty toilet paper rolls?

They get thrown out on a daily basis but they really don't need to be added to your trash.  Instead of discarding them try using them to make recycle crafts.

This beautiful wall hanging was cheap as cheap as can be to make and it was extremely easy to make too.

Two toilet paper rolls was all it took along with some paint and glue. Are you ready to begin? Grab the supplies listed below and get started.


  • two toilet paper rolls
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • hot glue gun


1. On each empty toilet paper roll use your ruler to measure 1cm units. Each roll should end up with 9 or 10 units when you are done.

2. With your scissors cut your toilet paper rolls into 1 cm units.

3. Now it is time to paint all the toilet paper units in whatever colors you want. Paint both the outside and inside of the toilet paper roll pieces.

4. Set 6 pieces aside and get your hot glue gun heated up.

5. It is time to put those 6 pieces together to create one flower. Glue the pieces together in a circular form by gluing them together at their bottoms.

6. When you have one flower completed go on and make the other two flowers in the same way.

7. To attach all three flowers together you glue the bottom of one to the top of the other. Just line them up in a straight line and glue them together.

8. I added little leaves to my wall hangings and you could easily do that as well.

Wasn't that easy and fast? And this wonderful Christmas wall hanging was made using empty toilet paper rolls.

Who would have thought that you could turn old toilet paper rolls into a little gem like this? That's the beauty of recycle crafts!

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