Felt Mitten Garland
*How to make a simple garland decoration*

This cozy Felt Mitten Garland is plum full of Xmas fun.  It can be made using felt or foam, is simple to make, and will look spectacular displayed anywhere in your home this Christmas.

felt mitten garland
individual felt mitten

This craft isn't difficult to make but it will take a little while to make. Kids may need to take a break while making this craft.

If you are making it with students then I would suggest making it over 2-3 classes instead of trying to make it all at once.


  • pattern
  • scissors
  • red felt
  • white felt
  • green paint
  • red and black permanent markers
  • stencil
  • glimmer glue
  • hot glue gun
  • hemp cord


1. Find a good pattern you can trace for making the mittens. When I traced my mittens I did it in two parts. I first traced the hand part and then traced the cuff, so these were two separate pieces of felt.

2. Trace and cut out 15 mittens and cuffs.

3. Make stripes on the cuff and paint every other stripe green.

4. Make a thick line on either sides of the green paint using a red permanent marker.

5. Trace the letters on to the felt.

6. Paint the letters whatever colors you like.

7. When the paint is dry outline the letters with a black permanent marker.

8. Glue the cuffs to the tops of the mittens. I used hot glue to do this but you could try using regular school glue.

9. Take the glitter glue and frame the mittens with little glittery dots.

10. When the glitter glue is dry glue the completed mittens to a piece of hemp cord.

Now have the kids hold up their completed project with pride and tell them to think of the exact spot they want to hang their beautiful mitten garland.

Hanging them on the windows or around the white board would be really nice in the classroom.

Honestly though, these garlands will look awesome no matter where you hang them.

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foam christmas tree
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