Snowman Double Frame
*An easy Christmas craft that is double the fun*

This Snowman Double Frame is certainly fun, festive, and fantastic.  You can easily get into the holiday spirit while making this simple picture frame art.  What could be better than making jolly Christmas decor for your home and having a blast while doing it?

Snowman double Frame

You wouldn't believe how easy this picture frame craft was to make.

You don't need a lot of materials or skill to make this gem and it will liven up any holiday decor.

Are you a fan of snowmen? They are perfect for decorating during the winter months because they can be displayed throughout winter and not just at Christmas time.

OK, let's go make one of these holly jolly Christmas picture frame crafts.


  • double picture frame
  • hot glue
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • paint sponge
  • Christmas napkin


1. Make a design on the double frames using a hot glue gun. I made squiggly lines around the frames and put some dots on as well.

2. When the glue is dry paint the frames whatever color you like. Paint right over the glue too.

3. I then used a lighter shade of blue and a paint sponge to add some texture to my frames.

4. Cut a 2 cute images out of a Christmas napkin.

5. Measure the images to make sure they will fit in the frames and cut them if necessary.

6. Insert the napkin images into the frames.

Believe it or not, it was as easy and quick as that. This is a craft that you could have fun doing with children (as long as you use the hot glue gun) too. Get into the Christmas spirit and start crafting away!

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