Homemade Xmas
*Adding natural elements to your craft ideas for Christmas is simple*

Homemade Xmas decorations bring ease and beauty to holiday decorating.  Don't spend a fortune for craft supplies or stress out over complicated directions.  Go for a walk, gaze at the beauty all around you and collect things you can incorporate into crafts.  That's what I did to create this centerpiece.

Homemade Xmas

There are certainly a lot of benefits to living in a rural area.

I can walk out my back door and instantly find beautiful pieces of nature that can be incorporated into a homemade xmas craft. When I go for a walk there are pine cones and pine branches everywhere.

I love it! And I love to use nature in as many crafts as I possibly can.

Not only do I live in the middle of the woods, but I live 10 minutes from the beach too.

Every summer I enjoy walking the beach looking for sea glass and I have a pretty hefty collection now.

Sea glass, or beach glass, is stunning and I am only now starting to use it in crafts I make.

I find it adds a simple beauty to everything. Look at this example of how you can use these items to make beautiful Christmas centerpiece decorations for your home.


  • vase
  • white sea glass
  • a handful of small pine conessmall pine branches
  • red berries
  • leaves


1. Almost completely fill your vase with white sea glass.

2. Stick your pine branches into the sea glass.

3. Arrange the leaves and berries around the pine branches and then poke them into the sea glass.You can use real leaves and berries if you like but I used artificial ones that I bought at a craft store.

4. Carefully arrange the pine cones around the bottom of the foliage and on top of the sea glass.

Presto! You have a natural vase centerpiece to add to your holiday decor. Make one exactly like this or add some of your own personal flair to the project. Get creative and have lots of fun creating your own Christmas centerpiece decorations.

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