Natures Touch
*How to make a centerpiece using the beauty of nature*

You can easily add natures touch to your Christmas decor this year by creating beautiful, natural homemade Christmas decorations like this on:

Natures Touch

This craft brings the radiance of a lit candle and the beauty of nature to a table centerpiece. What more could you want in a Christmas decoration?

It will bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home and provide cozy, flickering light to relax by.

In addition to its natural beauty this craft is also easy to make on a budget.

You can find some of the materials outdoors or buy all of them at a discount store for a very low cost. You can buy all the materials needed for about $10.

Would you like to learn how to make this stunning candle centerpiece decoration? Let's get started...


  • one wine goblet 
  • 4 large pine cones
  • small piece of garland
  • tealight candle
  • hot glue gun


1. Plug in the glue gun and get the glue nice and hot.

2. While the glue gun is heating up plan how you would like to arrange the pine cones around the stem of the wine goblet.

3. When the glue is nice and hot glue the pine cones to the wine goblet. I put glue on the bottom of the pine cone and a little dab on one of the wings. I then stuck the pine cone to the base of the goblet and stuck the glued wing to the stem of the goblet.

4. Do this with all of the pine cones.

5. Apply hot glue around the base of the goblet and attach the garland.

6. I had a little piece of garland left over so I made it into a circle and glued it to the inside bottom of the goblet.

7. Place the candle inside the goblet.

See how easy that was? And there are tons of things you could add to this craft if you wanted. Add some fake snow, some red berries, red bows, Christmas ribbon, etc. Let your imagination and creativity guide the way.

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