Snowflake Gift Box
*Easy Christmas gift wrapping ideas for kids*

Here's a Snowflake Gift Box that kids can use to wrap gifts in this Christmas.  Now you can relax and forget about ripped paper and tangled tape.

snowflake gift box

I was wandering around The Dollar Store, just perusing the shelves looking for cheap things I could use for making Christmas art projects and I found some Chinese take-out boxes.

I didn't have any idea as to what I would do with them but I knew there was definitely something I could make out them.

I sat down and just looked at the boxes for a little while, waiting for inspiration to hit.

Then the light bulb went on - I had thought of an easy, creative, and festive way to use these boxes.

Why not turn them into cute little gift boxes? Genius, if I do say so myself.  Try it!


  • one Chinese take-out box
  • paint brush
  • sponge dabber
  • snowflake template
  • midnight black and white paint
  • blue permanent marker


1. Paint the Chinese take-out box with the midnight black paint.

2. Paint the entire outside of the box (including the bottom) and the insides of the top flaps. I put two coats of paint on my box.

3. Use a sponge dabber to dab some white paint all over the outside of the box.

4. Using the white paint and the snowflake template paint some snowflakes on the box.

5. I used two coats of paint for the snowflakes. Once the snowflakes are completely dry take a blue permanent marker and outline them.

And that's all there is to it. Have the kids make gift boxes for you this holiday season. They can save you money and have fun while doing it. Merry Christmas!

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