Kool-Aid Snowman
*Kids making art from junk*

Here is a cute Kool-Aid Snowman craft that kids everywhere will fall in love with and would definitely love to make. 

Finish off that container of Kool-Aid and then come back here to learn how to make this adorable, frosty little fella.

Kool-Aid Snowman

This has to be one of the cutest Christmas art projects I've ever see. This little fella is 'snow adorable.' When the kids are bored over Christmas vacation and are 'up to snow good' entertain them with this craft idea.

Everyone loves snowmen and this recycled snowman will be no different. He will warm the hearts of everyone, old and young, merry and grouchy.

This easy craft is a fantastic way to increase holiday cheer and bring smiles to people's faces.


  • empty Kool-Aid container
  • primer
  • Christmas fabric
  • black marker
  • paint brush
  • white, black, orange, and light pink paint


1. Clean and completely dry the empty Kool-Aid container.

2. Spray the container with primer to help the paint stick.

3. Paint the container white (this may require a few coats).

4. When the paint is dry draw the face and buttons on with a black marker.

5. Paint the nose orange and dab some light pink on to make cheeks. Paint the nose and buttons black.

6. Tie a piece of Christmas fabric around the container to make a scarf.

7. When all the paint is dry take the black marker and outline the face and buttons on the snowman.

Bam! The kids now have an adorable snowman to play with or use as decoration. They could even store some yummy treats in him.  Enjoy!

P.S. - I have more great sayings you can use on your Christmas art projects.

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