Snowman Napkin Bottle
*One of many easy Christmas crafts for children*

This cute Snowman Napkin Bottle is easy for kids to make and is adorable too.  What a winning combination!  Gather your children together and have a holly jolly time making this festive craft with them.

Snowman Napkin Bottle

Snowman crafts are one of the best crafts to make because they can be left on display for the entire winter season. You don't have to pack away snowman decorations as soon as Christmas is over like you do with other Christmas-themed decorations.

Another reason snowman crafts are so great is because snowmen are jolly and round and bring smiles to faces. People are automatically happier when they see a snowman.

Perhaps it is the childish delight associated with snowmen. Whatever it is, have fun making this cute snowman craft with your kids this year.


  • small jam bottle
  • Snowman napkins
  • scissors
  • mod podge
    (You can buy mod podge in the craft section of stores or you can make your own. Google 'mod podge recipes' and you will find lots of different ideas to choose from.)


1. Thoroughly clean a small jam bottle and set aside.

2. With the scissors carefully cut the snowman pictures out of the napkins.

3. Use the mod podge to glue the snowman pictures to the bottle.  To do this place your picture on the bottle and hold it in place.  At the same time dip your brush in the mod podge and then apply it over the top of your picture.  Just paint it on like you would with craft paint.

4. Let it air dry completely.

This is an easy craft to make with your kids so don't miss out on this opportunity. Buy some cheap Christmas napkins and start creating Christmas art projects!

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