Santa Suit Can
*A jolly way to recycle aluminum cans*

This Santa Suit Can is guaranteed to be a Christmas craft that all kids, big and small, will be delighted and proud to make.  Grab a clean soup can and let's get our Ho!Ho!Ho! on.

santa suit can

How fun is this? Don't you think kids (and ... ahem... adults) would love to make this craft? Of course they would.  I know I had a lot of fun making it.

Everyone loves Mr. Nicholas so it goes without saying that everyone would be delighted to make this craft.  And I bet it would help get you on the 'good' list too.

There is no time to waste so let's begin this tutorialTo make this Christmas art project all you need is a few easy-to-find materials and some holiday cheer. 


  • soup can
  • red, black, silver paint
  • paint brush
  • cotton balls
  • glue


1. Clean an empty soup can and make sure there are no sharp edges inside it that someone could cut themselves on.

2. Find the middle of the can and paint a black band all around the can to make Santa's belt. Be sure to leave a section in the front unpainted so you can paint the belt buckle on.

3. Use the silver paint to paint a belt buckle onto the can like I did in the picture above. You could use yellow paint if you don't have silver.

4. Paint the top and bottom parts of the can red.

5. Tear the cotton balls apart and glue them around the top and bottom of the can.

And as easy and fast as that kids have a merry decoration that they can store stuff in.  And you have a cute decoration for your home.  Happy Holidays!

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