Yarn Vase
*The easy way to make elegant Christmas table decor*

A simple yarn vase like this is the perfect finishing touch to your holiday decor.  This craft idea combines simplicity and elegance, creating a chic decoration that can be displayed not only at Christmas, but all year round.

Yarn Vase

Christmas is such a hectic time of year and sometimes you just don't have the desire, energy or time to make your own holiday decorations.

This craft idea is simple and can easily be made while you're watching your favorite TV show.  And on top of that, the finished product is amazing.

Let's not waste the precious little time there is.  It's time to create festive beauty!


  • vase
  • yarn
  • red ribbon
  • white tulle
  • hot glue gun
  • something to put in the vase


1. Get yourself some yarn in any color that you like.  I went with cream yarn because it is a color that goes with every season but you could get Christmas yarn if you like.

2 Plug in the hot glue gun and let it heat up.

3. Start at the top of the vase and apply a nice little line of hot glue.

4. Quickly lay your yarn on top on the glue.  Continue doing this until you have covered the entire vase with yarn.

5. Take your ribbon and glue it around the top of the vase.  Again, you can use any color of ribbon you like.

6. Now insert your flowers (or sparkly twigs in my case) into the vase.

7. Tuck a piece of tulle around the stems of the flowers right at the top of the vase. Fuss with it and get it arranged the way you like and then tuck any stray pieces down into the vase.

That's all there is to it. This craft is easy to make and results in a simple, classy centerpiece to show off.

This craft is also great because it could be displayed year-round, not just at Christmas time. Isn't it awesome that some Christmas centerpiece decorations can be displayed longer than just the holiday season?

I also made the yarn wrapped ornaments you see laying around the base of the vase.

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