Bow Candle Holder
*Old mason jars can twinkle and shine*

This unique bow candle holder will add a feeling of whimsy to your holiday decor. It is full of fun, cheer, and glad tidings, and you can easily create one for your home.  So let's get into the holiday spirit and get crafting!

Bow Candle Holder

Bows, those cute little things you stick on a gift as a finishing touch.  Oh the excitement they stir up!

At Christmas time you will find these popping up all over the place.  Gifts everywhere will be adorned with them.

But why use these awesome decorations only on gifts?  Get creative and have some fun.  Go wild, use your imagination and put them to other uses like creating this unique candle centerpiece.


  • canning jar
  • hot glue gun
  • 71 small bows
  • white ribbon


*Before beginning make sure the jar is clean and completely dry.

1. Take the cover off the jar and separate the silver top from the rim.

2. Use hot glue to glue the silver top inside of the rim so that the shiny side is facing up.

3. Then glue the cover upside down on top of the opening of the jar.

4. Glue little bows around the lid of the jar (I used 16 little of them to do this).

5. Glue the white ribbon around the base of the jar.

6. Glue the rest of the bows onto the ribbon.  You can glue them on in the same way I did or break out on your own and get creative. 

The whimsical crafting is done.  You now have your very own bow candle holder.  Isn't it totally adorable and full of holiday cheer?  Pick the perfect spot in your home and display your new candle holder with pride.  Set a tealight inside the cover, light it, and enjoy.

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