Jean Pocket Wish List
*How to use recycled denim jeans to make something festive and fun *

A Jean Pocket Wish List is the perfect place for children to store the list of goodies they want for Christmas.

jean pocket wish list

So, what do you want for Christmas? Do you ask this question often when the holiday season is coming?

This jean pocket wish list makes things easier for you and your kids to stay organized during the holiday and it's lots of fun to make too.

Kids can enjoy making their own jean pocket to hold their Christmas wish list, and then excitedly write down what they want for Christmas and stick the paper in their jean pocket. Easy peasy!

This craft idea is super cute and super easy to make. My youngest son and I had a blast making this wish list holder together. 

Use this craft idea as the perfect way to make lasting holiday memories with your children.  They grow up way too fast so enjoy and remember every moment you can.

After making this little gem you could hang it on the wall or attach a magnet to it and hang it on the fridge.  Use your imagination and see what ideas you come up with.


  • old pair of jeans
  • scissors
  • markers
  • embellishments
  • yarn


1. Cut the back pocket out of an old pair of jeans.

2. Using a marker write the child's name and a great saying on the jean pocket.

3. With different color markers make some decorations on the jean pocket.

4. Glue on some decorations if you wish.

(my son and I just added some glitter glue to the center of the stars).

5. Attach a string to hang the jean pocket up.

There you have it - a Jean Pocket Wish List.  Enjoy making this craft and creating memories with your kids this holiday season.

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